Jack’s Prayers

I often think that children’s prayers are the most sincere. It becomes a bit of battle as you get older to make sure you don’t lose that sincerity. Jack has been saying prayers a lot lately, and they are so sweet. Whenever I hear what he says, I feel like it really exposes what he really loves or values at that time.

I keep thinking that I should write some of them down, because they are so sweet! He always starts by saying , “Bless mommy, daddy, and Jack.” The other night he said, “Please bless my cousins so they can come to grandpa’s house to be with me.” He usually always says something about his cousin Benji (last night itwas that Benji will come be with him) and aunt Charbel. The other night he randomly blessed Aunt Cindy.

He sometimes will mention his cars, or his new airplanes, or that daddy and mommy won’t go away (usually right after we have left him with my parents or michael), and going to Grammy and Grandpa’s house.

Hello world!

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